Apr 30, 2019

Read Erik Prince's criminal referral to the Justice Department

House Intelligence chairman Adam Schiff has released a criminal referral sent to the Justice Department for informal Trump campaign adviser Erik Prince, who Schiff believes "willfully misled" the committee during his testimony in November 2017.

Details: Schiff's letter to Attorney General Bill Barr outlines 6 instances in which he claims evidence Prince provided to special counsel Robert Mueller "differs materially" from statements he made during his testimony — especially with respect to his characterization of a 2017 meeting in the Seychelles with the CEO of Russia's sovereign wealth fund, who is believed to have been representing Vladimir Putin.

Between the lines: Schiff said at a Washington Post event Tuesday morning that it's unclear whether the Justice Department will choose to prosecute Prince, since the evidence he provided in proffer sessions with Mueller may protect him from charges.

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