Apr 24, 2019 - World

Saudi Arabia beheads 37 citizens convicted of terrorism

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS)

Photo: Billal Bensalem/NurPhoto/Getty Images

In the largest mass execution since 2016, Saudi Arabia publicly beheaded 37 citizens for alleged links to terrorism, reports CBS News.

Why this matters: The executed citizens were mostly Shia Muslims, a religious minority in Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia. This will likely add to the growing tensions between the Gulf state and Iran, the predominantly Shia power in the region. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has been trying to curb Iran's influence in the Middle East since his rise to power.

What they're saying: Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad, Javad Zarif, publicly criticized both the Saudi royal family and the Trump administration over the executions. However, Iran has executed more people than any country other than China over the past several years, according to Amnesty International.

Details: The official Saudi Press Agency said the condemned men were "aiming at destabilizing security, spreading sedition and chaos, and harming the homeland."

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