Apr 18, 2019

How to brand a health care company

Oscar's branding. Photo: Oscar

If you're a health care company looking to brand yourself as tech-forward but still approachable, you’re going to need a medium-weight serif font.

The intrigue: Flatiron Health, One Medical and Oscar all use strikingly similar typefaces in their marketing materials. Business Insider noticed this trend — possibly because it uses one of the same fonts.

Details: Flatiron and Oscar use a font called Tiempos, which you may also recognize from some Facebook marketing. One Medical uses GT Super, which it adopted along with a more muted color scheme as part of a rebranding last year.

Between the letters: Serif fonts (the ones with the little feet on each letter, like the one you’re reading now) are popular for large amounts of text, like newspapers and books.

How it works: Designers said they chose these fonts for these health care companies because they conveyed a warmth or human quality that more streamlined sans-serif fonts may lack.

  • "It was really important to us that we didn't want to look like a traditional healthcare company but we also didn't want to look like a tech brand," Chris Peel, One Medical’s creative director, told Business Insider.

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