Apr 9, 2019

Police: Australian senator who struck "egg boy" acted in self defense

Australian police say Sen. Fraser Anning acted in self defense when he struck the teenager who egged him.

Sen. Fraser Anning says he's not sorry for hitting "egg boy" or for his Muslim immigration remarks. Photo: Michael Masters/Getty Images

Police in the Australian state of Victoria said Tuesday Sen. Fraser Anning acted in self-defense when he struck a boy who cracked an egg on him — but they issued the 17-year-old with an official caution.

Details: Investigators decided not to charge either after viewing footage that was shared around the world following the incident, but police said in a statement they were trying to identify a man who allegedly kicked "egg boy" Will Connolly as he was restrained on the ground by Anning's supporters.

The big picture: The incident was prompted by Anning's remarks blaming Muslim immigration for the fatal attack on 2 New Zealand mosques — for which he was censured in Australia's parliament this month. Almost US$60,000 was raised in honor of Connolly, who pledged to donate it to the mosque attack victims.

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