Mar 29, 2019 - Technology

How millennial investors reacted to Lyft's IPO

Photo illustration of Wall Street market bull statue with Lyft's pink mustache.

Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

Millennials have long embraced Lyft's ride-hailing service — and now they're doing the same with the company's stock, according to data from stock trading app Robinhood.

The bottom line: Lyft was the most-traded stock on Friday on Robinhood whose users are 32 years old on average (and 21% of them are ages 18 to 24).

More from Robinhood:

  • 14% of users who traded on Robinhood on Friday bought Lyft stock.
  • Lyft became the 80th most-held stock on Robinhood, which has 6 million users.
  • 33: The average age of users who bought Lyft stock on Robinhood.
  • Robinhood customers who live in San Francisco — Lyft's hometown — traded Lyft 3x more than those who live in New York.

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