Mar 29, 2019 - Health

Xarelto is the first drug to include prices in TV ads

Xarelto will be the first drug to include pricing information in its TV ads, even before the Trump administration finalizes rules that will require those disclosures.

Why it matters: There's been plenty of uncertainty about how this would work and what it will look like. The administration wants drugmakers to include list prices, which most people don't pay, and critics say that could give patients an unrealistically inflated view of their costs.

How it works: The Xarelto ad, which begins running today, shows the drug's $448 per month list price, then adds that most patients pay between $0 and $47, depending on their insurance.

  • Johnson & Johnson, Xarelto's manufacturer, said 75% of patients who take the drug fall within that range.

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