Mar 10, 2019 - Technology

Lyft's growing slice of the pie

This chart comes from Lyft's IPO filing, and it shows how much money Lyft takes out of every dollar spent on its platform. It's not a perfect proxy for the amount siphoned from each fare before the driver gets paid, but it's close. As platforms like Lyft become bigger, they invariably take an increasing cut of total revenues.

Data: Company filing; Chart: Chris Canipe/Axios
Data: Company filing; Chart: Chris Canipe/Axios

Why it matters: The losers, in this chart, are Lyft's drivers. Workers in the gig economy know full well how uncertain their incomes are and how they can be changed at whim. At Contently, for instance, all freelancers saw their pay cut by 4.75% at the end of February, only for the pay to be reinstated last week after a backlash from the freelancers "who contribute to Contently's success."

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