Updated Feb 26, 2019

Coming this year: Season Two of "Axios on HBO"

Illustration: Caresse Haaser/Axios

"Axios on HBO” — a news-oriented, documentary series — is renewed for a second season with eight half-hour episodes: four this spring and four this fall.

Additionally, HBO will air four shorter, interview-driven Axios specials, designed to move with the news and drive the conversation in prime-time. This is the first-time HBO will feature shorter-length, interview-based specials.

Why it matters: Directed and produced by Emmy winner Matthew O’Neill (HBO’s "Baghdad ER") and Perri Peltz (HBO’s "Remembering the Artist Robert De Niro, Sr."), "Axios on HBO“ season two will include a unique mix of breaking news content, exclusive interviews and short profiles, all delivered in Smart Brevity.

“Axios on HBO” Season Two will feature more breaking news, and more interviews with dominant personalities and definitive trends shaping our future. The series will look beyond the news of the day and illuminate and reveal how the collision of industries like tech, business and politics are changing our lives. Buckle up.”
Axios CEO Jim VandeHei

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