Feb 14, 2019 - Sports

A look at the NBA's top earners

Data: Forbes; Chart: Naema Ahmed/Axios

NBA stars are walking businesses. Need proof? Just look at the numbers above. In total, the top 10 earners in the NBA will earn $540 million from salaries and endorsement money in 2019.

  • The King: LeBron James ($88.7 million) tops this list for the fifth straight year. The last NBA player to make more than him? Kobe Bryant in 2014.
  • The three top earners — LeBron, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant — will make a combined $103.2 million playing basketball this year. Off the court? $130 million.
  • Signature sneakers: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul are the only three players on this list without one. Giannis is getting one soon, though, so expect him to make a jump.
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