Jan 20, 2019 - Economy & Business

BuzzFeed reporter: "I'm confident" our sources are correct on Trump-Cohen

BuzzFeed News reporter Anthony Cormier and editor-in-chief Ben Smith said several times on CNN Brian Stelter's "Reliable Sources" that they are confident in their reporting despite the challenge from special counsel Robert Mueller's office that claimed the story was inaccurate.

Why it matters: Because of the rare comments from special counsel spokesperson Peter Carr, lawmakers and reporters both scaled down the hype of whether BuzzFeed's story is a smoking gun.

The exchange

Cormier: "This story is accurate."

Stelter: "What if the sources are just wrong?

Cormier: "They're not."

Stelter: "Not intentionally. Not trying to hurt you, but what if they're wrong?"

Cormier: "They're not. They're not. I'm confident."

Stelter also asked if BuzzFeed is concerned about its credibility and their jobs if the story is wrong:

Smith: "You know, we're confident in the story and we are — and I think he we also do think while there is right now and understandably a focus on the media story, the important story is about the relationship between the Trump administration and Russia."

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