Nov 6, 2018 - Economy & Business

1 in 6 say it's their first time voting in a midterm election

Voters in line to vote, woman in all white with flag on shirt.

Photo: Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

One in six voters said this was their first time voting in a midterm election, according to early exit polls, CNN reports. In 2014, 36.4% of eligible voters voted in the midterm election, down from 2010 when 40.9% voted, per TIME.

The big picture: Two-thirds of voters showed up to the polls because of President Trump. According to CBS News, 39% of them said they showed up as a protest of Trump. A majority of voters said they think the country is headed in the wrong direction, per the AP.

By the numbers:

  • Only 2 in 10 voters say the economy and immigration are their top issues, both of which the GOP focused on in their messaging this election cycle, per CNN.
  • Approximately 4 in 10 voters said health care was the most important problem facing the country, which many Democratic candidates focused on.
  • GOP v. Democrat: Democrats have a lead in favorability ratings by party, per NBC News.

On the policies:

  • Immigration: 48% said Trump’s immigration policies are too tough, 32% said they are about right, and 16% said they are not tough enough, per CBS News.
  • Taxes: 31% said they think Trump’s tax laws have hurt their finances while 28% said they helped.
  • Trade: 31% said Trump’s trade policies have hurt their area, 25% said they helped, and 36% said they had no impact.
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