Oct 17, 2018 - Economy

Box office sales predicted for a record-breaking year

Cinemax theater with movie posters from 2018 summer.

Movie posters from summer 2018 releases. Photo: Eric Lafforgue/Art In All Of Us/Corbis via Getty Images.

The U.S. box office is projected to hit a record-breaking $12 billion in 2018, proving past critiques wrong of how movie theaters cannot sustain in the age of streaming and home viewing, per the Hollywood Reporter.

Why it matters: Studios are realizing there is more attendance potential in the off-seasons of fall and spring than being part of summer's blockbuster lineup. Box office totals are expected to be up 10% from 2017. Marvel's "Venom" had an $80 million debut from the weekend of Oct. 5–7 — the best opening ever for that month.

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