Oct 14, 2018 - Politics & Policy

New poll shows Biden leading Democratic 2020 hopefuls

Photo: Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images

A new CNN poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden leading a crowded Democratic field of potential 2020 presidential contenders — with Sen. Bernie Sanders in a distant second.

The big picture: While a poll this early doesn't really have any predictive value for the Democrats' eventual nominee, the fragmented, wide-open field is most notable. As the Washington Post's Dave Weigel points out, with 65% of the party's support, Hillary Clinton led a much smaller field by a much greater margin in the same poll in December 2014.

By the numbers, via CNN:

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden: 33%
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders: 13%
  • Sen. Kamala Harris: 9%
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren: 8%
  • Sen. Cory Booker: 5%
  • Former Secretary of State John Kerry: 5%
  • Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg: 4%
  • Rep. Beto O'Rourke: 4%
  • Former Attorney General Eric Holder: 3%
  • Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti: 2%
  • Attorney Michael Avenatti: 1%
  • Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: 1%
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar: 1%
  • Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick: 1%
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