Oct 13, 2018 - Politics & Policy

Melania Trump says "I really don't care" jacket was a message to critics

First Lady Melania Trump told ABC News in an interview that aired Friday that the jacket she wore when boarding a plane to visit an immigrant children's shelter, that read "I really don't care. Do U?" was a message to the media.

Why it matters: The First Lady's team maintained at the time that the jacket had no hidden message, but Trump said it was meant to show critics "that I don't care. You could criticize whatever you want to say...but it will not stop me to do what I feel is right."

More from her interview:

  • She spoke about her "Be Best" cyberbullying campaign, and said she is one of the most bullied people in the world: "We need to educate the children of social emotional behavior so when they grow up...they know how to deal with those issues."
  • She said she's enjoying her time as First Lady: "[T]his will not last forever. And it's [a] very special time."
  • She spoke about her husband's alleged affairs: "It is not a concern and focus of mine. I'm a mother and a first lady, and I have much more important things to think about and to do. I know people like to speculate and media like to speculate about our marriage... It's not always pleasant."
  • On family separation at the border, she said: "It was unacceptable for me to see children and parents separated. It was heartbreaking. And I reacted with my own voice."
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