Oct 3, 2018

8 more House races shift toward Democrats

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The Cook Political Report just shifted eight more House races to favor Democrats.

Why it matters: There are now 15 GOP-held seats rated as "lean" or "likely" Democratic, which includes seven Republican incumbents. Three of the races are districts Hillary Clinton won in 2016. As Cook's Dave Wasserman writes: "It's becoming harder and harder to see Republicans' path to holding the majority."

The eight races, per Cook Political Report:

  1. FL-26: Carlos Curbelo (R) - Lean R to toss up  
  2. KS-03: Kevin Yoder (R) - Toss up to lean D  
  3. MI-03: Justin Amash (R) - Solid R to likely R 
  4. MI-11: OPEN (Trott)(R) - Toss up to lean D  
  5. NY-21: Elise Stefanik (R) - Solid R to likely R  
  6. NY-24: John Katko (R) - Likely R to lean R  
  7. PA-17: Keith Rothfus (R) - Lean D to likely D  
  8. UT-04: Mia Love (R) - Lean R to toss up  
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