Sep 25, 2018 - Technology

Google's growing knack for cybersecurity investments

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Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Image

Google Ventures has participated in London-based cybersecurity startup Snyk’s latest Series B $22 million investment round, with venture capital firm Accel leading the round.

The trend: The tech titan’s venture capital arm appears to have a knack for cybersecurity investments that lead to acquisition deals. In 2012 Google Ventures invested in Duo Security, a multi-factor security tool which Cisco announced this year it intends to acquire. More recently in 2016, Google Ventures invested in CoreOS, a container management system which was acquired by RedHat earlier this year.

The big picture: Google also has a cybersecurity company of its own, Chronicle, which was founded in 2016 and which is headed up by Stephen Gillett, formerly Symantec's COO. Chronicle offers cybersecurity software to Fortune 500 companies, including at least two services: a virus-scanning tool and a security analytics tool, per Inc.

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