Sep 21, 2018 - Economy

What they're saying: Trump allies furious at NYT Rosenstein story

Laura Ingraham looks mad talking at a podium

Photo: Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Following a New York Times report that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein suggested the 25th amendment be invoked to remove President Trump from office after Trump fired James Comey last year, Democrats and Republicans came out swinging along party lines.

The gist: Republicans varyingly called the NYT fake news but also urged the president to fire Rosenstein based on the report. The Democrats, including Sen. Chuck Schumer, cautioned against firing Rosenstein in retaliation.


  • Donald Trump Jr.: "Shocked!!! Absolutely Shocked!!! Ohhh, who are we kidding at this point? No one is shocked that these guys would do anything in their power to undermine @realdonaldtrump."
  • Gov. Mike Huckabee: "Because source is NY Slimes not sure this is true but if so, Jeff Sessions needs to fire Rosenstein and if he won’t @realdonaldtrump needs to fire both of them since Rosenstein doesn’t seem to have the integrity to resign."
  • Laura Ingraham of Fox News: "Rod Rosenstein must be fired today...He needs to go. Today."
  • Gregg Jarrett of Fox News: "Driven by vengeance, Rosenstein sought to secretly record the President. He must be fired immediately! Since a clearly biased Rosenstein has been in charge of the Mueller investigation, it must be terminated. This illegitimate probe has been tainted by corruption from the start."


  • Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), in response to Donald Trump Jr.: "Wait...I’m super confused now. The New York Times isn’t fake now? Or just not fake on Fridays? Or just not fake when it’s conveinent? Help me"
  • Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer: "This New York Times report must not be used as a pretext for the corrupt purpose of firing Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein in order to install an official who will allow the president to interfere with the Special Counsel’s investigation. Generals Kelly, Mattis and numerous other White House and cabinet officials have been reported to say critical things of the president without being fired."
  • Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.): "Whether the Rosenstein story is true or not, we can’t rely on the President’s Administration invoking the #25thAmendment as the only hope for saving America. But you should be able to count on your elected representatives in Congress to stop this wrecking ball president."
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