Aug 29, 2018 - Technology

Twitter is testing suggestions of accounts to unfollow

Twitter is experimenting with a new take on helping users see relevant content: suggesting they unfollow accounts they don't interact with regularly.

Why it matters: For years, Twitter has tried a variety of ways to make its product more understandable and useful to a wider array of people by suggesting accounts to follow, inserting tweets they might like, and so on.

  • Though the company says the experiment is focused on making users' feeds more relevant to their interests, it wouldn't be surprising if it also helps them purge accounts and content they no longer enjoy.

From Twitter:

We know that people want a relevant Twitter timeline. One way to do this is by unfollowing people they don’t engage with regularly. We ran an incredibly limited test to surface accounts that people were not engaging with to check if they’d like to unfollow them.
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