Aug 11, 2018 - Technology

U.K. ad authority to rule on Amazon's "misleading" Prime delivery

Packaged Amazon Prime items in the Amazon Fulfilment centre in Peterborough, England. Photo: Leon Neal/Getty Images

After Amazon missed deliveries across the country, the U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will rule this week whether the retail giant's 2-day Prime delivery claims are misleading and will stop allowing the company to promise one-day delivery to its customers, according to The Times U.K.

Why it matters: The ultra-fast, one to two day delivery is a hallmark of Amazon’s pitch to customers and forced the industry to match this in order to compete with it. So whether or not it lives up to it is a big deal for Amazon, and by not living up to the delivery promise, the company puts its U.K. customer base at risk. According to the Times, Amazon brought substantial criticism in the country after paying only £1.7 million in taxes on revenues of £2 billion.

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