Updated Aug 8, 2018

Key results from last night's primaries

Data: Associated Press; Chart: Axios Visuals
Data: Associated Press; Chart: Axios Visuals

Why each race matters:

  • Ohio's 12th district is solidly Republican and overwhelmingly white. But the incredibly close finish shows they should be worried about November 6.
  • Kansas' GOP governor's race was Trump vs. the Republican establishment — and was incredibly close. If Kris Kobach wins, it’s further proof of Trump's unparalleled power in the 2018 primaries.
  • Michigan's Democratic governor's race was a perfect example of the progressive left’s fight to shake up the Democratic Party.
  • Missouri's GOP primary for U.S. Senate went to Attorney General Josh Hawley. Republicans went all-in to help him win and Sen. Claire McCaskill has been considered a vulnerable Democrat since 2012.

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