Jul 19, 2018 - World

Russia displays newest weapons days after Putin-Trump summit

Russia's Avangard strategic intercontinental ballistic missile system equipped with a gliding hypersonic maneuvering warhead. Photo: TASS/TASS via Getty Images

Just days after the one-on-one meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Trump when they reportedly discussed the intention to avoid a nuclear arms race, Russia broadcast videos Thursday that display its latest batch of nuclear and conventional weapons, Reuters reports.

The details: The Russian Defense Ministry aired "Hollywood-style footage of many of the new weapons Putin unveiled in March being tested or in action," per Reuters. "It showed a Russian MiG-31 fighter jet taking off from an airfield carrying the new Kinjal hypersonic missile and then launching it while airborne. MiG-31 jets which patrol the Caspian Sea have been armed with the Kinjal since April."

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