Jul 14, 2018

Trump declares success in War on Poverty

Makeshift beds for homeless people under a highway

A homeless encampment in Philadelphia. May 30, 2018. Photo: Cory Clark/NurPhoto via Getty Images

For decades, Republicans have dubbed the government's War on Poverty a failure, but now the Trump administration has a new message, "saying efforts that Republicans had long condemned as ineffective have already worked," the Washington Post's Jeff Stein and Tracy Jan write.

Why it matters: A White House Council of Economic Advisers report this week "declared the War on Poverty 'largely over and a success,' arguing that few Americans are truly poor — only about 3 percent of the population ... The report is the latest in a string of Trump administration efforts to argue that poverty is a diminishing problem in the United States. ... And the report marks a departure from decades of GOP rhetoric," per Stein and Jan.

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