Jun 26, 2018 - Health

Schumer: Travel ban "does not make us any safer"

Chuck Schumer speaking on the ACA

Chuck Schumer speaking on the Affordable Care Act. Photo: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

The Supreme Court's decision to uphold President Trump's travel ban "does not make us any safer," the Senate's top Democrat Chuck Schumer told reporters today.

The big picture: Trump's seven country travel ban was upheld by the Supreme Court on Tuesday with a 5-4 vote with some judges split between defending the policy and others saying it was essentially a ban on Muslims from the included countries.

Highlights: Schumer also condemned Trump's policies on immigration, including his zero tolerance policy, and called the president out for attempting to abolish the pre-existing condition clause in the Affordable Care Act.

  • On the ACA: Schumer said Trump is breaking "a campaign promise" to the American people by attempting to repeal the ACA through the removal of the pre-existing conditions clause.
    • Removing the pre-existing conditions clause is arguably the "cruelest act" the president has committed, he said.
  • On family separation policy: "I'm always glad when people are talking," Schumer said, but the president "could fix the issue on his own."
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