Jun 14, 2018 - World

What we’re watching: Trump salutes North Korean general

A newly released North Korean documentary on the summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un includes footage of crowds cheering Kim, and of Trump saluting a North Korean general.

Why it matters: The video Kim smiling alongside the president of the U.S., which has historically been depicted as an evil power in North Korean propaganda. It also provides North Koreans a rare glimpse of a glitzy, modern city. The documentary has been aired four times in North Korea, per 38 North's Martin Williams.

"A lot of leaders of different countries have visited Singapore but it is unprecedented in the history of Singapore to have streets filled with the welcoming crowd like this."
— Narration from the video, per CNN

The video showed the first meeting between Kim and Trump, as well as Trump saluting a Korean military officer. It also included images of the joint declaration — both in Korean and English — including the words "complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula."

Be smart: This documentary is a propaganda piece that paints a peaceful picture of Jong-un, but the leader has a gruesome track record on human rights and a history of threats against both this and past administrations.

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