May 17, 2018

Large eruption from Kilauea Volcano sends plume of ash into the sky

Kilauea's ash plume

Screenshot via USGS

Kilauea Volcano erupted from its summit Thursday morning sending a plume of ash 30,000 feet into the sky, per NOAA. This is the largest steam eruption since 1924.

Threat level: More than a dozen fissures opened up to the east of the crater and spewed lava into neighborhoods, destroying 26 homes and 10 other structures. USGS officials say the explosion should not be deadly so long as citizens remain out of the area, per the AP. 

The backdrop: Plumes had been ashy for the past several days before the explosive eruption, but large ash plumes were more recent. There were also earthquakes days before the explosion. The largest one erupted at 4:42 am Hawaii Standard Time.

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