May 10, 2018 - Economy

Go deeper: See the Russian-linked Facebook ads released by Congress

A Russian propoganda ad

A Russian propoganda ad.

House lawmakers have released more than 3,000 Facebook ads published from 2015 to late 2017 by Russia-based Internet Research Agency, which were used to sow division across the U.S. through the 2016 presidential election, that appeared on Facebook and Instagram feeds with political and racially-charged messages.

Why it matters: We have heard of the planted messages to unsuspecting Americans, but have not seen the breadth until now.

Anti-Hillary: One of the many ads used throughout 2016 to hurt Hillary Clinton's campaign is seen below on a page called "Being Patriotic."

Russian propaganda anti-Hillary Clinton ad
Russian propaganda anti-Hillary Clinton ad

The African-American target: An account by the name of "mericanfury" is one of the numerous Russian propaganda ads on Instagram targeting African-Americans about an anti-Beyoncé rally, a viral stunt reportedly attended by two people. It's in response to Beyoncé's tribute to the Black Panthers during her Super Bowl halftime show performance in 2016.

An anti-Beyoncé rally ad
An anti-Beyoncé rally ad

The border protection post: This Facebook page titled "Secured Borders" capitalized on then-candidate Trump's anti-immigration message to its more than 130,000 followers.

A Russian propaganda Facebook page called "Secured Borders," had 135,301 followers
A Russian propaganda Facebook page called "Secured Borders," had 135,301 followers.

The anti-Obama ad: An ad about then-President Barack Obama foreign policy decisions abroad and highlights a "lack of money for for veterans' healthcare and housing."

An anti-Obama Russian propaganda ad
Anti-Obama Russian propaganda ad.

The religious post: A "Stop A.I." ad was directly used to stoke division and fears amid anti-muslim and refugee sentiments throughout the 2016 election season suggesting America "should ban Sharia on [the] federal level."

Russian propaganda ad
An anti-muslim propoganda ad.
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