May 4, 2018 - Politics & Policy

Trump says countries are "sending their worst" immigrants to U.S.

President Trump delivering a speech to the NRA

President Trump delivering a speech to at the annual NRA convention. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

During a visit to the NRA's annual meeting in Dallas, President Trump touted the latest unemployment numbers, said countries who send immigrants to the United States "send up their worst," and praised the judge who said Mueller aims "to hurt Trump."

On gun control: The president noted that there "has never been a case where more red flags have been shown" in the case of the Parkland school shooting, but nothing was done and claimed that 98% of public shootings happen in places where guns are banned. He slammed "gun-free" zones and saying the signs read shooters can "come in and take us."

Trump began his speech by giving his "full endorsement" to Texas Senator Ted Cruz to retain his seat, and Greg Abbott in his re-election campaign for Governor of Texas. He said the administration has gotten plenty done during his time in office, but that his supporters can't "be complacent" as they enter the 2018 mid-term elections.

  • Trump touted his upcoming meeting with North Korea saying "weakness gets you nuclear war."
  • On gun control laws: Trump said Chicago has the "toughest" gun laws in the country, but they haven't been effective. He also noted that if guns are outlawed, "all vans and all trucks" must be outlawed as well as the "new form of death for the maniac terrorists."
  • "Thank you Kanye": Trump said West "must have some power" after a new poll he saw showed his support among African Americans jumped from 11% to 22%.
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