May 1, 2018 - World

Fancy Bear is hiding in your laptop's Lojack

Employee in sihlouette uses a laptop

Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images

Fancy Bear, a group U.S. intelligence believes hacked the Democratic National Committee in 2016 and attributes to Russia, appears to be using Lojack laptop tracking software to facilitate new hacking campaigns.

The details: Researchers at Arbor Networks' ASERT lab found that hackers tampered with Lojack to communicate with several domains used by Fancy Bear in the past.

It's unclear how the malware was installed.

The intrigue: Lojack is a security program used to locate lost and stolen laptops, designed to stay on a computer even after its hard drive is wiped clean. Because of its unique features, code associated with Lojack can sometimes slip under antivirus software's radar. The technique for using Lojack to hide malware was first discovered in 2014 and presented at the hacker conference Black Hat.

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