Apr 11, 2018 - Technology

Twitter's pistol emoji is now a water gun

Twitter's new gun emoji.

Twitter is rolling out the latest updates to its emoji and one change is quite notable: its pistol icon is now that of a water gun, as Emojipedia noticed.

Why it matters: In 2016, Apple was the first vendor to make this change, which was widely interpreted as a political statement against gun violence. In the last several months, WhatsApp and Samsung have followed suit, so Twitter is making the change to be consistent with these vendors, a spokesperson tells Axios.

The change will help mitigate misunderstandings when a user on one platform sends a water gun emoji and it appears as a pistol for users on a different one, and vice versa.

Still: Politics, and especially sensitivity to the recent gun control debate in the U.S., will likely begin to influence companies' tools and designs.

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