Apr 6, 2018 - Politics & Policy

Sanders: Trump "absolutely" still believes trade wars are easy to win

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Friday that the president doesn't want to enter a trade war with China, but if he does, he'll win.

Key quote: President Trump "absolutely" still believes trade wars are easy to win. "If he is in charge of those negotiations then absolutely. He's the best negotiator at the table."

  • Tariffs effect on the markets: Sanders said the president understands that the tariffs could cause "some fluctuation" in the stock market, but he thinks "enough is enough" ... "Frankly we shouldn't be in this situation, the previous administration should have stepped up and dealt with this."
  • Today’s Russia sanctions don’t mean that a summit with President Vladimir Putin is off the table, said Sanders. Trump still wants to have a good relationship with Russia, but "what we would like to see is the totality of the Russian behavior change."
  • National guard to the southern border: The administration is working with border states to get the National Guard on the ground as soon as possible. California has resisted, but Sanders said she hopes they will “do the right thing.”
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