Mar 23, 2018

Blumenthal: Young people have touched conscience of America


Photo by Chuck Kennedy / Axios

Speaking at an Axios event with Mike Allen Friday, Sen. Richard Blumenthal said the young people leading the gun control movement, those who have gone to the streets with signs like, "Our blood, your hands," have "touched the conscience of America."

"What's so extraordinary is how articulate and committed they are. They are the voice and face of a new social movement...I think that's one of the fundamental changes we're seeing in the gun violence prevention movement."
ā€” Sen. Richard Blumenthal

Other highlights:

  • On Republican colleagues: They see the writing on the wall and they know they have to do something meaningful with respect to gun control, beyond the "extremely minimal" Fix NICS bill passed in Congress last night.
  • On tomorrow's marches: The 832 marches worldwide will help "galvanize and mobilize" people, but it's a marathon, not a sprint. Connecticut, with the strongest gun laws in the street, is "at the mercy of states with the weakest." Guns have no respect for state borders, which is why a national standard is necessary.
  • On progress: I think in the late spring or summer, we could see progress. But realistically, the major progress will come after the election. One encouraging sign is that private sector companies (Dick's Sporting Goods, Walmart, banks) are now taking steps to change their gun policies.
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