Updated Mar 5, 2018

Clyburn keeps up the fight as she nears end of FCC tenure

Mignon Clyburn speaks to protestors using a megaphone

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

FCC Democrat Mignon Clyburn says every route should be pursued to restore net neutrality rules, from the courts to Congress. But she didn't say which she thought would be most likely to succeed because she thinks "it's important for all of the sectors and these points and these avenues to be addressed," she told Axios on the sidelines of the Lesbians Who Tech Summit in San Francisco.

Why it matters: Clyburn is coming to the end of a nine-year tenure at the FCC, but she's going out rallying the troops.

What she said: Clyburn also echoed concerns about a raft of comments allegedly filed with stolen identities as part of the net neutrality repeal process. "That was problematic on so many fronts. Number one, there was a vulnerability there that somebody else had to bring to our attention almost," she said, referring to New York's Attorney General.

  • She said that the agency's set of comments should be "one that is reflective of the American ratepayer, taxpayer, (the) consumer of these incredible platforms."
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What's next? Clyburn has to leave the agency by the end of the year because her term ended last summer. She hasn't said exactly what she'll do next — but told Axios that it will tap into her longtime interest in issues that affect marginalized communities.

  • She said that "you’re going to see or hear about me doing some things that will be a part of attempting to equalize opportunities to allow those who don’t have a voice to be heard and included. That part of me is not going to turn off when I walk out of the FCC.”
  • "All of us have chapters in our lives," she said, "and it’s what you do in between taking an oath and walking out the door that’s made the difference."
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