Mar 2, 2018

First look: How each party can court Hispanic voters

Mike Allen

As candidates and party groups hone their midterm messages, here's an interesting takeaway from a national online survey of 3,000 Hispanic adults, by Civis Analytics, Deep Root Analytics and WPA Intelligence.

"A key finding discovered in this research is that two-thirds (65%) of Hispanic respondents agree with this statement: While I typically vote for candidates of one political party, if the other party’s candidates made an effort to reach out to me, I would be open to consider voting differently."
— Deep Root CEO Brent McGoldrick and WPAi CEO Chris Wilson

Hispanic-friendly issues for Republicans:

  • Cutting taxes
  • School choice
  • Energy policy
  • Individual mandate

Hispanic-friendly issues for Democrats:

  • Path to citizenship
  • Right to choose
  • Increase taxes to fund programs
  • Business regulation

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