Feb 23, 2018 - World

Gates and Manafort met with Russia-friendly congressman

Rick Gates.

Photo: Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Bloomberg reports that the meeting former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates lied about to investigators, to which he pled guilty on Friday, was between Paul Manafort and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.

Why it matters: Rohrabacher is known for being close to the Kremlin — he came under scrutiny for it in November last year. Gates and Manafort have been charged by special counsel Robert Mueller for not registering foreign lobbying work with the government, money laundering, new tax fraud charges, "and again on Friday with conspiracy and false-statement counts."

  • The charges on failing to register their lobbying for foreign interests is in regards to work the two did "on behalf of Ukraine's then-president Viktor Yanukovych."
  • Per Bloomberg, a spokesman for Rohrabacher said the three "reminisced and talked mostly about politics...The subject of Ukraine came up in passing."
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