Feb 16, 2018

Michigan gubernatorial candidate's campaign manager resigns over "inappropriate behavior"

Gretchen Whitmer (left) in Detroit, Michigan. Photo: Ali Lapetina for The Washington Post via Getty Images

The campaign manager for Gretchen Whitmer, a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Michigan, resigned yesterday over "inappropriate behavior with people in the workplace" numerous years ago, according to a campaign statement.

Why it matters: Allegations of inappropriate behavior that have riled national politics —
— such as the resignation of Sen. Al Franken — is now impacting state races.

The former campaign manager, Keenan Pontoni, told local media "the allegation as presented to me does not match up with the facts as I know them." Someone who has worked in Michigan politics across the state said that Pontoni's behavior was an "open secret" in local politics and that his behavior "has occurred for many years against many women working across campaigns."

Background: Pontoni was Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff's campaign manager during his special election in Georgia. Less than a year ago he was called "a rising star in a party desperate for fresh blood" by CQ Roll Call.

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