Feb 12, 2018

Congress considers concealed carry reciprocity across state lines

A concealed carry permit class

A concealed carry permit class in Utah in 2015. Photo: George Frey / Getty Images

"Of all the political and cultural issues that divide red states from blue ones, none is more volatile than guns and who can carry them," CBS' Steve Kroft said last night on "60 Minutes."

What's happening: "[A] piece of legislation quietly churning its way through Congress [the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act] may [make] gun permits more like driver's licenses, transportable across state lines."

  • "If you are allowed to carry a concealed weapon in your home state, you would be allowed to carry it in all of them."
  • Why it matters: "Every year, New York takes in nearly 50 million visitors from all over the country into a congested, sometimes chaotic city. Even if a tiny fraction were legally carrying concealed weapons, it would mean hundreds of thousands of additional guns for what is right now the safest big city in America."
  • Video.

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