Feb 9, 2018

Authorities arrest Mexican cartel leader wanted in the U.S.

Zetas cartel

Authorities take a Zetas cartel leader into custody in March 2015. Image: Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Mexican authorities announced they have arrested Jose Maria Guizar Valencia, the suspected leader of Los Zetas drug cartel, in Mexico City, according to the AP. Guizar Valencia is wanted in Texas and Virginia on a $5 million reward.

Background: Los Zetas is considered one of the most technologically advanced and dangerous cartels in Mexico, responsible for importing thousands of kilograms of cocaine and meth to the U.S. each year. Authorities said Guizar Valencia, known by the code-name "Z-43," directed the slaying of an untold number of Guatemalan civilians as the cartel violently took control of border territory in recent years.

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