Jan 22, 2018 - Technology

Big Tech sets lobbying records under Trump

Witnesses from major tech companies raise their right ends to be sworn in before Congress

Top lawyers for Twitter, Google and Facebook testified about Russian election meddling earlier this year. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Facebook and Apple spent more on federal lobbying in 2017 than ever before, per new disclosures.

By the numbers: Tech giants are fighting more fights than ever before, from tax reform to election integrity.

By the numbers:

  • Facebook spent a record $11.51 million, up 34% from its spending in 2016.
  • Apple spent $7.07 million, a new record and up 51% from last year.
  • Google's spending rose 17% to $18.04 million — falling just short of the record $18.22 million it spent when under antitrust investigation in 2012. (That number, however, includes then-subsidiary Motorola Mobility. 2017's spending was the most ever for the Google brand alone.)
  • Microsoft's lobbying fell 2% to $8.5 million.

This post has been updated to clarify that the $18.22 million Google spent in 2012 included lobbying for Motorola Mobility.

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