Jan 16, 2018 - Technology

New allegations against ex-Uber exec surface amid Waymo lawsuit

New allegations about Anthony Levandowski, the former Waymo and Uber employee, and his role in the companies’ legal dispute, have surfaced as part of a lawsuit filed by his children’s ex-nanny, as Wired first reported.

Why it matters: Throughout the case, there’s been a speculation about Levandowski and Uber’s conduct in regards to Waymo’s allegations of stolen trade secrets, in part because of missing documents and other evidence.

The former nanny’s claims:

  • Levandowski has allegedly been paying a Tesla employee for intel on its truck program.
  • He’s allegedly selling chip technology abroad.
  • He’s allegedly been involved with autonomous driving companies he’s not been publicly linked to.
  • He’s allegedly discussed plans to flee to Canada to escape prosecution.
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