Jan 14, 2018 - Economy & Business

Flake to invoke Stalin in speech on Trump's anti-media attacks

Sen. Jeff Flake.

Photo: Zach Gibson / Getty Images

According to excerpts obtained by NBC, Sen. Jeff Flake is planning to confront President Trump's anti-media comments in a speech to the Senate this week, comparing the president's labeling of the media as the "enemy of the American people" to comments made by Josef Stalin.

"Mr. President, it is a testament to the condition of our democracy that our own president uses words infamously spoken by Josef Stalin to describe his enemies."

Flashback: Flake announced in October that he would not run for re-election. Along with that announcement, he delivered a scathing speech against Trump and warned his Republican colleagues against remaining "silent as the norms and values that keep America strong are undermined."

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