Jan 10, 2018

The American cities with the healthiest economies

Provo, Utah

A view of the city of Provo. Photo: George Frey / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Economic growth slowed in America's coastal cities and boomed in the middle of the country in 2017, USA Today reports, citing analysis from the Milken Institute. The top-performing city was Provo, Utah, which added 5,500 jobs from 2011 to 2016. Provo was followed by Raleigh, North Carolina and Dallas, Texas.

The big picture: "California still boasts four of the top 25 metro areas in economic prowess, but that’s down from six in 2016 ... [The state] is suffering from climbing business costs, such as labor and rent, while places like Raleigh and Dallas are benefiting from lower expenses and a business-friendly environment," per USA Today's Paul Davidson.

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