Jan 10, 2018

Peloton unveils $4,000 treadmill at CES

Photo via screengrab YouTube / RoadTrailRun

Fitness startup Peloton, known for its in-home, internet-connected spin bikes, unveiled its second product at CES 2018, reports the New York Times — a treadmill that costs nearly $4,000.

Why it matters: The premium cost of the treadmill reveals an interesting insight about branding in a hardware-heavy industry. Peloton has spent tens of millions of dollars creating a full-service experience for its users, complete with live fitness classes and celebrity brand ambassadors.

While others have struggled to reinvent home fitness machines, the interactive and communal nature of the Peloton experience brought the company $400 million in sales last year, up from $170 million in 2016.

The Peloton Tread "content" plan will largely be reminiscent of Barry's Bootcamp, Peloton CEO John Foley told Axios. Bike owners who already subscribe will not need to pay an additional fee to access Peloton content on the treadmill.

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