Jan 6, 2018

Trump: ABC News reporter "should have been fired"

President Trump is up early tweeting this Saturday morning, and he's going after one reporter in particular: ABC News' Brian Ross, who previously misreported a story that Trump, as a presidential candidate, instructed Michael Flynn to set up a meeting with the Russians during the election. It wasn't until Trump was president-elect that he reportedly asked Flynn, his national security adviser, to do this.

Why it matters: This is the third time in recent months the president or the White House has publicly called for a journalist to be fired. And that further escalates his repeated attempts to discredit the entirety of the media, which he does in ways from attacking them to calling on them to lose their job.


Sarah Sanders, who speaks on behalf of the president, said that the tweets about Trump by ESPN's Jemele Hill were "a fireable offense." And in December, he tweeted that Washington Post's Dave Weigel "should be fired" after he mistakenly tweeted out an incorrect photo of what he thought was a Trump rally, but wasn't.

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