Dec 21, 2017

McConnell suggests vulnerable Dems will get hit for voting against tax cuts

Photo: Chuck Kennedy / Axios

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell hinted at an Axios event on Thursday that vulnerable Democrats up for re-election next year may get negative ads run against them for voting against the GOP tax bill.

"If I were running the campaign…I'd have that single woman saying, Sen. [Joe] Manchin, maybe $1,300 isn't much to you, but it is to me... We're prepared to make this argument to the American people, this was a significant middle class tax cut, but also it was important to get the country growing again."

What we're watching: McConnell didn't dispute that there may need to be some kind of fix to the tax bill, saying that it's normal to need one on legislation this size. "I wouldn't be surprised" if it needs a small fix, "but I think the core of the bill is intact."

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