Jul 5, 2017

Tech execs launch "WTF" group to help Democrats

Branden Camp / AP

"Mark Pincus and Reid Hoffman are launching a new group to rethink the Democratic Party: It's called Win the Future, and Pincus is even courting potential WTF candidates like the frontman of '90s rock band Third Eye Blind," by Recode's Tony Romm:

  • "Pincus, the co-founder of Zynga, and Hoffman, the brains behind LinkedIn, want to force Democrats to rewire their philosophical core, from their agenda to the way they choose candidates."
  • "WTF for short ... aims to be a new movement and force within the Democratic Party, which can act like its own virtual party," said Pincus, its lead architect."
  • "Its new website will put political topics up for a vote — and the most resonant ideas will form the basis of the organization's orthodoxy."
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