Dec 10, 2017

Moore strategist: Trump is "on trial in Alabama" election

Two days ahead of the Alabama election, Roy Moore's chief political strategist, Dean Young, said, "If the people of Alabama vote for the liberal Democrat, Doug Jones, then they're voting against the president ... This is Donald Trump on trial in Alabama," on ABC's This Week.

Why it matters: The Moore camp wants to make Tuesday's election a referendum on Trump.

The backdrop: Moore has been accused of sexual misconduct by nine different women, including one who alleges he inappropriately touched her when she was 14 years old, but he's largely regained Republican support ahead of Election Day.

More from Young:

  • "I highly doubt there will be a Senate investigation. If there is, Judge Moore will be found telling the truth, just like he always has."
  • "I need you people in Alabama not the fall for all the false allegations that just appeared three or four weeks ago."

Alabama's other senator, Richard Shelby: "The Senate's going to have to weigh, if Roy Moore wins, his fitness to serve," on CNN's State of the Union.

Democrat Rep. Terri Sewell of Alabama: "Listen, the state of Alabama voted for this president by 28 points. The fact that we're closed and narrowed into a statistical dead heat is really important."

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