Oct 27, 2017

Zionist group attacks McConnell for calling Bannon anti-Semitic

Photo: Ringo H.W. Chiu / AP

Morton A. Klein, president of the conservative, pro-Israel group Zionist Organization of America condemned Sen. Mitch McConnell, Josh Holmes and the Senate Leadership Fund for promoting "reprehensible lies" about Steve Bannon being anti-Semitic. "Their disgraceful name calling is rubbish," he wrote in the statement, explaining that Bannon is invited to ZOA's annual gala next month and the organization "does not invite anti-Semites."

Why it matters: ZOA is hitting back at McConnell's allies and the well-funding, conservative, outside group, the Senate Leadership Fund who have been accusing Bannon of anti-Semitism. McConnell has not made any accusations himself.

Bannon has vowed to support challengers against every GOP incumbent running in 2018 and has been requiring his candidates to pledge to oppose McConnell, Mike Allen and Jonathan Swan reported.

The anti-Semitic claim: In 2007, during their divorce proceedings, Bannon's ex-wife claimed that he had made several anti-Semitic comments when looking for schools for their children to attend. Press obtained the court filings last year, but Bannon has denied the accusations.

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