Mar 21, 2017

YouTube slammed over LGBTQ filters

Youtube Rego Korosi via Flickr CC

Some of Youtube's biggest stars are slamming the video platform for filtering out non-explicit LGBTQ content under the optional restricted mode meant to protect younger audiences from mature content, per NYT. YouTube apologized in a blog post Monday morning for mislabeling some of its videos and later announced it would be making the restriction mode less exclusive of LGBTQ content.

The apology received mixed responses. Some YouTube stars, like Jenna Marbles, said Youtube was pandering, while others, like female pop group Tegan & Sara, said they appreciated the efforts but asked YouTube to further clarify how it flags certain content as "sensitive." No such clarification has been offered yet by YouTube.

Why it matters: Most of of YouTube's top traffic-driving channels belong to YouTube-branded stars, and their videos drive a significant amount of ad revenue. Marbles alone has over 2 billion video views, and more subscribers than Drake and Lady Gaga combined.

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