Jul 29, 2017

WSJ editorial board: Trump was the problem, not Priebus

Jim Cole / AP

The WSJ editorial board released an op-ed today in the aftermath of Reince Priebus being replaced (abruptly, and announced via Twitter) by Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. Their main message: Trump is the problem within the White House, not Priebus.


  • "[T]his shuffling of the staff furniture won't matter unless Mr. Trump accepts that the White House problem isn't Mr. Priebus. It's him."
  • "Presidents get the White House operations they want, and Mr. Trump has a chaotic mess because he seems to like it. He likes pitting faction against faction, as if his advisers are competing casino operators from his Atlantic City days."
  • "The reason Mr. Priebus wasn't as effective as he could have been is because Mr. Trump wouldn't listen to him and wouldn't let him establish a normal decision-making process."
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