May 24, 2017

What to watch from the CBO score on AHCA

The Congressional Budget Office estimates for the final version of the House health care bill are coming this afternoon, and they'll be pages and pages of words and numbers. So just skip to these parts:

  • Coverage: How many people would have health insurance? Would it still be 24 million fewer than under the Affordable Care Act? Or will coverage improve now that the bill has changed?
  • Quality: If the coverage improves — thanks to the state waivers that have been added to the bill — what kind of coverage would people have? If it's cheaper insurance, would it also be skimpier?
  • Costs: Does it still save enough money to hit the budget targets? (The last CBO estimate showed that it would save $150 billion over 10 years.)
  • Pre-existing conditions: How many people with health problems might have to pay higher premiums, if their state gets a waiver from ACA pricing rules and they have a lapse in coverage?
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